[asterisk-users] [OT] Does Energy Savings mode exist with BRI/PtP ?

jg webaccounts at jgoettgens.de
Wed Dec 11 10:00:29 CST 2013

> So if my understanding is correct, Energy Saving mode exists in P2P BRI lines.
No, not for P2P lines, only for P2MP lines.

> How do you monitor these lines ?
Most of the time I use a vendor specific utility, but "pri show spans" gets the status as well.

> Have you also heard about this special sequence with P2P lines or is it something especially 
> for P2MP ?
The sequence I gave is for P2MP only, but I don't know which telcos are using it (except for 
mine). P2P never sleeps as said before.

I haven't checked what happens when a P2P connection is not connected to anything at all. 
Theoretically it could go into the energy saving mode, but once it is connected, then it doesn't.


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