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   Without trying to sound too commercialized, my company has created an autodialer that does what you want. You can take a look at a non-functional demo by going to http://demo.voipbusiness.us where we have several demos you can look at. We have customers that make several dozen calls per day to several hundred thousand.  I’m not trying to sell you, but simply give you examples so you have an idea of what’s involved in writing your own. 


John V.


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hi everybody,


I need to create using asterisk, starting from a csv file, an advertising campaign where customers via an IVR press button 1 or 2. after the campaign calls will be taken out and analyzed cdr mysql.


I had thought of something like this:


- Creation of the csv file with only the phone numbers, for example:





- Change the dialplan in a way that takes the csv file

- Interaction with the IVR for call automatically csv file


I checked on the internet but can not find anything clear.

can someone help me understand better?


thanks in advance

best regards

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