[asterisk-users] Asterisk on Windows

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Wed Dec 4 10:08:18 CST 2013

On Wednesday 04 December 2013, CDR wrote:
> Digium is 100% lost in the map. If they would come up with a Paid
> version of Asterisk, one that would use the .NET framework in Windows,
> something simple to install, they could go public on the product.

Why would they?  They already have it working well enough under Linux.

> Linux has a very steep learning curve.

Only if your brain has been damaged by Windows.  People who have never used 
Windows before tend to get on fairly well with Linux when using it for the 
first time.  And Asterisk has a *way* steeper learning curve than Linux.

> A Windows application that
> would do exactly the same would be a home run. Note: I am a Linux
> expert user, but it took me years to get here.

Yes, it does.  I've been using Linux since it was a curiosity on a single 
floppy disk, and I still have plenty to learn.  But at least nobody is actively 
trying to conceal it from me.

> And still, moving from
> regular RHEL 6.0 to Fedora 20 (RHEL 7) is a pain in the neck. The .NET
> framework and Windows server 2012 are miles away in terms of
> friendliness and on equal footing on performance.

Depends what you mean by "friendliness".  Human-readable configuration files 
that I can edit with vi if I have to are friendlier than a drag-and-drool 
interface, by some measurements.

> I don´t mean another
> slow cygwin port, I man a native Asterisk for windows. In fact, I
> would invest on the project if somebody wants to do it.

Asterisk is Free software under the GPL.  Anyone is welcome to package it for 
whatever platform they like.  Nobody has bothered to do it because it's 
actually more effort to persuade Asterisk work on Windows' broken architecture, 
than it is to learn to use a Unix-like system.

TL;DR:  It's not our fault if you believe Microsoft's story that you're too 
stupid to use a real computer.  It's certainly not our fault if you have let 
it come true.


Answers come *after* questions.

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