[asterisk-users] Asterisk on Windows

jon pounder jonp at inline.net
Wed Dec 4 09:32:03 CST 2013

On 12/04/2013 10:22 AM, Gregory Malsack wrote:

Its beyond disgusting. If it was not for legacy garbage nothing from m$ 
would be left in my datacenter.
Saying you are an expert Linux user is just a joke when you don't 
understand the poor architectural choices that come with windows and why 
it can never be a real robust operating system.

> That's just disgusting!!!! If you want to run your phones on WindBlows 
> use lync.... Should be plenty point and click easy for you....
> On 12/04/2013 09:19 AM, CDR wrote:
>> Digium is 100% lost in the map. If they would come up with a Paid
>> version of Asterisk, one that would use the .NET framework in Windows,
>> something simple to install, they could go public on the product.
>> Linux has a very steep learning curve. A Windows application that
>> would do exactly the same would be a home run. Note: I am a Linux
>> expert user, but it took me years to get here. And still, moving from
>> regular RHEL 6.0 to Fedora 20 (RHEL 7) is a pain in the neck. The .NET
>> framework and Windows server 2012 are miles away in terms of
>> friendliness and on equal footing on performance. I don´t mean another
>> slow cygwin port, I man a native Asterisk for windows. In fact, I
>> would invest on the project if somebody wants to do it.

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