[asterisk-users] Unmute all users in Meetme conference as admin

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Wed Dec 4 09:31:23 CST 2013

    Have you thought of using the app_konference module? You can find it
here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/appkonference. You can configure many
of the options with the dialplan switches, there's a simple but functional
web page to monitor all of the conferences and attendees (mute, unmute,
kick, etc), and a PERL script that's used to control everything such as
logins/logouts/process DTMF, etc. Plus, it doesn't require a timing source.
I really like the ability to modify the PERL script to do what I want. I
pretty much rewrote the whole PERL script for a custom application for a
customer. Right now he routinely handles 100 attendee conferences on some
low-end piece of crap PC without issue, although more memory would be
helpful. We're getting ready to test a bigger server that will accommodate
500 users. Something to consider.


John V


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I setup an MeetMe conference. 

So, the admin user calls and enter the conference in talk/listen mode.
(Options : dAaxs)

Then other users call the same conference and enters  in muted mode
(options: dlmx)


How can the admin user decide, when he is ready to let everybody speaks ?

I didn't find such option in the admin menu.



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