[asterisk-users] Gateway?

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Tue Apr 30 04:57:32 CDT 2013

On Monday 29 April 2013, James Wystead wrote:
> This is going to sound like a dumb-ass question:
> The device that allows you to bridge Asterisk (or any other PBX) into the
> pstn.. What is that called?

Usually it is an expansion card that plugs into a PCI or PCI express slot on 
the motherboard; so most people would just call it an analogue telephony card  
(such as a TDM410P, for instance)  or an ISDN card  (such as a TE410P).  One 
that connects to the mobile networks would be called a GSM card.

Analogue telephony cards are further subdivided into two flavours; FXO  (which 
connects to an exchange line)  and FXS  (which connects to a telephone, and 
provides the necessary line bias and ringing voltages).  Usually a single card 
will provide for multiple lines, by fitting either FXO or FXS modules as 


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