[asterisk-users] Can't register to Asterisk 1.6 with old Aastra phones

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Sun Apr 28 15:56:06 CDT 2013

We have a new customer with a lot of old phones like the 9133i.  They
won't register, and we see some very strange behavior with them.  If
the SIP peer exists, they simply fail silently, with no error in the
CLI or the messages log.  Nothing works, but no errors.

If the peer does not exist, it's clear that it's registering improperly:

[2013-04-28 13:34:31] NOTICE[3058] chan_sip.c: Registration from
'abc123 <sip:abc123@>' failed for '68.2.x.x' - No matching peer found

Typically of course we'd expect to see:  <sip:abc123 at server>

We're running the latest available firmware, but it's from 2009.  Any
ideas on this before we just trash all the older phones?

Carlos Alvarez

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