[asterisk-users] Access postgresql directly from dialplan?

Sebastian Arcus shop at open-t.co.uk
Wed Apr 17 01:08:17 CDT 2013

On 16/04/13 14:17, Gertjan Baarda wrote:
> On 16 apr. 2013, at 15:08, Sebastian Arcus <shop at open-t.co.uk> wrote:
>> I would like to access a Postgresql database directly from my dialplan (to lookup names based on callerid numbers for incoming calls). Based on everywhere I looked - it seems the only way to do this is with func_odbc. Considering that Asterisk seems to be able to access Postgresql databases directly using res_pgsql for the purposes of realtime functionality (without using odbc - if I understand correctly) - is there some other generic SQL dialplan function which would allow access to the Postgresql database from the dialplan without configuring ODBC and the rest?
>> Or does anybody know of a simpler way still to do this? My database is a Horde address book backend - which is in Postgresql - so I would like to use it to convert the incoming callerid's into names on the fly from the Horde address book.
> AGI is your new friend. Google it. I use it for your the same purpuses
> as you want with PHP and Mysql.
> With a macro I change the callerid in a name from the DB.
> greetz

Thank you Gertjan. I have somehow managed to avoid AGI all these years 
and didn't even look into it to see what it does. I've just had a 
glance, and it seems to be exactly what I'm after. Thanks again for the 

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