[asterisk-users] Traffic Crossover

Geoffrey Yeoh pbyeoh at gelxis.co.uk
Mon Apr 15 18:28:09 CDT 2013

Hi all,


I am having this problems for a while and could not figure out the cause of


I have FreePBX version of Asterisk (1.8.11-cert) routing calls to 10
different FreePBX servers (same version of Asterisk) depending on the
destination numbers.  The incoming calls into the main Asterisk server with
4 x  Sangoma A102 E1 card are coming through a SS7 link from an ISUP
interface of a telecom grade Qualcomm gateway switch. There is also a SIP
B2BUA server and PortaBilling gateway at the very end-point before the call
is passed on to the end destination.


Issue #1

All calls routed by the main server to the different FreePBX kind of go
weird after roughly 20 minutes.  The calls will get disconnected from the
telecom gateway switch but the calls is still showing as connected on the
main Asterisk servers and end-point Asterisk servers.


Issue #2

The second issue occurs around the same time roughly after 20 minutes.  Some
current calls to one end-point Asterisk server will start getting audio from
another call from another separate end-point Asterisk server. I've tried
disabling RTP from each point of the connection but still no joy.


I hope somebody could give some pointers or direction on how to troubleshoot


Best Regards,



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