[asterisk-users] Network based transcoding

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 11:25:49 CDT 2013

Sorry for the missing info. Our current architecture is as such:

NAT <-> SIP/RTP Proxy <-> *(n)

Our concurrent sessions usually peak at between 700-800 channels. On
average about 450. I will of course look at the documentation to
better understand how a transcoding appliance would fit in our
architecture, and thank you so much for the links!!! But generally
speaking, does the appliance process/transocde the RTP stream and then
forward it to our SIP/RTPProxy? Is it really that easy? :)

Again, I will breeze through the documentation to get the detailed
"how it works" info I am looking for.

Thanks Kindly,


On 4/12/13, jg <webaccounts at jgoettgens.de> wrote:
> What do you mean with servers? A simple proxy, or a B2BUA (aka
> Asterisk)? Depending on the basic configuration the "server" might or
> might not have to deal with some or all of the RTP-streams.
> The already mentioned company Sangoma usually has good documentation
> about their products (see
> http://www.sangoma.com/products/d500-400-2000-sessions/ or
> http://www.sangoma.com/products/d150-30-400-sessions/) and examples on
> how to use them.
> jg
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