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Tommy Cooper tomcooper83 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 10 15:08:38 CDT 2013


I am working on a small inbound call center solution that uses an ACD system. I might add an IVR system later on. I only have 2 extensions set up (extensions 1000 and 1001), I want the system to put new calls in a queue if both extensions are busy. I am currently subscribed with a SIP trunk provider and can successfully recieve calls. I want to design a system where customers can call my number, that call will then be directed to either extension 1000 or 1001. If both extensions are in use, I want that 3rd call to be queued.

I don't think that the config below will direct calls to extension 1001 because the second line states that any incomming calls should be routed to extension 1000. How do I change this so that calls are directed to all of my exensions?

exten => *DID number*,1,Answer
exten => *DID number*,2,Dial(SIP/1000)
exten => *DID number*,3,Queue(support) ;not sure if this line belongs here
exten => *DID number*,4,Hangup

Member => SIP/1000
Member => SIP/1001

agent => 1000,1000
agent => 1001,1001
When using the current config the caller will listen to the 'music on hold' until the agent answers but calls are only being forwarded to extension 1000 as stated above
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