[asterisk-users] CDR unanswered setting

Marie Fischer marie at vtl.ee
Tue Apr 9 04:24:03 CDT 2013

On 09.04.2013, at 10:33, Shanavaz E A <shanavazea at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> From asterisk 1.8, the CDR table is not logging the unanswered or extn busy calls which hit while in the queue. I am talking about this setting in the cdr.conf :
> ; In brief, this option controls the reporting of unanswered calls which only have an A 
> ; party. Calls which get offered to an outgoing line, but are unanswered, are still 
> ; logged, and that is the intended behaviour. (It also results in some B side CDRs being
> ; output, as they have the B side channel as their source channel, and no destination 
> ; channel.)
> ;unanswered = no
> I require this to find out which all extensions didnt respond to a call when the call hit them while in the queue. This is working fine until 1.6. But I tried in 1.8 and 11, but I am getting only one record in the CDR table even after setting the value as
> unanswered = yes
> Is there anything more I have to do, to make it working? Kindly help me.

I don't know about 1.6, but 1.8 and 11 both behave this way for me, too, so it's probably by design.
You can (and probably should) use queue_log for information about unanswered calls, more specifically, the RINGNOANSWER and EXIT* events. http://www.asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/ACD_id289009.html

queue_log logs the call's uniqueid, so you can use that to link it to CDR. And of course, life is much easier when both CDR and queue_log go to database.


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