[asterisk-users] dahdi "strange state" error

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Mon Apr 8 15:11:11 CDT 2013

System details:

Digium  Wildcard TDM410P with three extensions and one POTS line.
Dual core Pentium 4 (32-bit) processor
Fedora 18
Asterisk 11.2.1
DAHDI Version: 2.6.2 Echo Canceller: HWEC

I recently upgraded from Asterisk 1.4, and made as few changes to the
configuration files as possible. I regenerated the dahdi-channels.conf
file, then I believe I had to edit this to set the contexts correctly to
match the rest of my dialplan. The dialplan does seem to be working as

The problem is that, every few days, my POTS line gets stuck. The other
ports are working for intercom, but attempts to place outbound calls
through the POTS line, whether from a SIP phone or one of the DAHDI
extensions, get a fast busy, and this appears in the Asterisk log:

[Apr  5 21:29:35] WARNING[8191][C-0000003e] sig_analog.c: Ring/Off-hook
in strange state 6 on channel 4

I have to restart asterisk and/or dahdi to get it working again.

Can someone tell me what this message means and suggest how I might
prevent this from happening? Is my hardware flaky, or is there something
I need to update in my configuration?

Thank you,

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