[asterisk-users] Asterisk SIP deadlocks - update_provisional_keepalive

Duane Larson duane.larson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 19:42:37 CDT 2013

I am currently running two different versions of Asterisk


I have noticed the bug occur on both servers.

The issue is that when I try to dial a phone number sometimes the call will
never go out.  I will check the Asterisk server with NGREP and see that the
SIP messages are making it to Asterisk but Asterisk isn't responding.

I do the following command "netstat -nap |grep 5060" and see that Asterisk
has a lot under the "Recv-Q" column.

It usually takes about 10 minutes before Asterisk becomes responsive again
or else before 10 minutes is up I could restart Asterisk and everything
will be back to normal.

I see in the message logs the following errors

On the 11.0.1 Asterisk server
WARNING[23723][C-00000010] chan_sip.c: Unable to cancel schedule ID 11473.
 This is probably a bug (chan_sip.c: update_provisional_keepalive, line

On the 11.2.1 Asterisk server
WARNING[3493][C-0000001f] chan_sip.c: Unable to cancel schedule ID 30810.
 This is probably a bug (chan_sip.c: update_provisional_keepalive, line

When I look in chan_sip.c on both servers I see that they are the same line
of code

AST_SCHED_DEL_UNREF(sched, pvt->provisional_keepalive_sched_id,
dialog_unref(pvt, "when you delete the provisional_keepalive_sched_id, you
should dec the refcount for the stored dialog ptr"));

What could be causing this because it seems to happen at least once a day.
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