[asterisk-users] SIP DTMF Flash Event

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Fri Sep 28 08:02:15 CDT 2012

Tim Nelson wrote:
> Is there a way to have Asterisk respond appropriately when receiving a DTMF Flash event via SIP? I'm finding some WiFi SIP phones, specifically the Quickphones QA-342 want to handle transfers/3-way calls by sending a DTMF Flash event instead of handling it properly like every other damn VoIP phone on the planet...
> Asterisk sees the Flash event (via the logs), but does not act upon it.
> Thoughts?


The functionality you are talking about (server side SIP transfers and 
conferences) are not really implemented for use like this. All of the 
pieces exist within Asterisk to achieve the expected end result but as 
this has only ever come up maybe twice noone has ever taken the time to 
do it. Sorry!


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