[asterisk-users] MySQL InnoDB or MyISAM for CDR

Thorsten Göllner tg at ovm-group.com
Wed Sep 26 05:18:03 CDT 2012

Am 26.09.2012 10:45, schrieb A J Stiles:
> On Tuesday 25 September 2012, Matt Hamilton wrote:
>> Which one (InnoDB or MyISAM) is preferred for CDR as far as write
>> performance is concerned?
>> Thanks,
>> Matt
> MyISAM is faster  (on Linux anyway);  but you'd better have a UPS on the
> machine, because it is not very tolerant of unclean shutdowns.

You should not havy any problem on inserting into MyISAM or InnoDB - for 
my opinion. How many calls do you expect? And consider the following: 
the insert query is done by atserisk after hagnup. So your user will not 
notice it.

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