[asterisk-users] Question about async channel or macro for monitoring a call

Sebastian Gutierrez scgm11 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 10:03:44 CDT 2012


 Im trying to do this:  

1) Originate a call between an external number and a ivr that do some things in background

2) after the originate I bridge the person that dial that extent with the external number

I would like to have the ivr in background while the bridge is up for monitoring porpoises, but seems to stop processing when the local bridge is done

other possibility could be having a Macro async??   when I make a dial and execute a macro I would like to put a while there and control some stuff, but until the macro is over I can´t have audio pass between the 2 channels that where dialled.

any hint on this??


best regards
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