[asterisk-users] Peculiar problem with failover provision.

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Mon Sep 24 12:06:42 CDT 2012

You are doing it wrong.  I know 50 bazillion Asterisk dialplan examples on the internet do it the same way.  It is still wrong.

When you do a Dial on the dialplan you need check the value of DIALSTATUS or HANGUPCAUSE before dialing again.  Both variables will give you some indication of why the first call ended.  Then your dialplan logic can decide how to proceed.

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I have noticed a peculiar problem recently with the way that the failover operates in my dialplan.

I normally have:


(or something similar).

This has up until now worked flawlessly.

If there is an error with the first provider, the call is completed with the second one.

Now, what is happening is, if the remote party hags up first, then the call progresses to the next priority and re-dials them.

Is this a change in default behaviour?
Do I need to add a particular flag / config directive to my dialplan

I am running Asterisk 10.6.0.

Thanks for any help in solving this.

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