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Marco Colombo mcolombo at enter.it
Mon Sep 24 06:56:19 CDT 2012

Hi Jordan,
Thanks for all, but i found this bug in Asterisk : 


Attached the patch to fix the problem, if the online site does not work.

Thanks for all
Best Regards

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> Subject: [asterisk-users] SIP CANCEL, Reason

> Hi All!
> i have a problem with asterisk 1.8.11.
> I must have in the SIP cancel message, the line “Reason”

> Example : Reason : SIP;cause=16;text=”Normal Call Clearing”

> I have already enable “use_q850_reason=yes”, but this not work.
> In my dialplan I have already add : exten =>
> _X.,n,Hangup(${HANGUPCAUSE})

> Can anyone help me?
> I don’t know what to do

The "use_q850_reason" settings applies globally.  If you execute "sip show settings", what is the value of the "Q.850 Reason header"?

If you enable 'sip set debug on', what is the actual CANCEL request sent to the UA?

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