[asterisk-users] Issue with PRI connection

Raj Mathur ( राज माथुर ) raju at linux-delhi.org
Sun Sep 23 23:41:08 CDT 2012

On Monday 24 Sep 2012, Mitul Limbani wrote:
> Signalling frm remote side is down.
> Also just add crc4 in span 1,0,0 in dahdi/system.conf just like other
> spans.
> what is signalling=" " defined in your asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf ?

Not necessarily.  I guess you remember the problems we had in getting 
lines to work in Mumbai until we found the correct wire connections for 
each of our providers (Reliance and BSNL AFAIR).  Eventually Raj Kumar 
(the wizard) did manage to figure it out and after that the lines worked 
just fine.


-- Raj
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