[asterisk-users] accept email and make phone call?

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Thu Sep 20 12:37:13 CDT 2012

Joseph Acquisto wrote:
> Any ideas on how asterisk could accept an email (such as an email to SMS or "number at mybox.org" sort of thing) and make a phone
> call to a specific number and make an announcement?
> I imagine the first part is the big question.

Stuffing this logic into Asterisk really isn't practical. You can write 
something external that is invoked when receiving an email (this depends 
on the mail server in use) or something that continually checks for new 
email in a mailbox. Once received you would parse it as appropriate and 
use one of the available mechanisms of Asterisk (CLI originate, AMI 
originate) to initiate the call.

All the pieces exist, you just need to put them together.

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