[asterisk-users] Voicemail not working with vm boxes named with a star

Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Thu Sep 20 06:27:25 CDT 2012

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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Voicemail not working with vm boxes named with a        star
> Hi list,
> in asterisk 1.4 and maybe earlier it was possible to use voicemail
> system with mailboxes starting with some special characters like *.
> The
> line in voicemail.conf was like this:
>         *123 => , AB,,,tz=cet|attach=no|
> Calling exten => s,n,Voicemail(*123,su) is working in asterisk 1.4.
> In Asterisk 1.8 the above scenario is not working any more. The
> Voicemail application reports an error message:
> WARNING: app_voicemail.c: leave_voicemail: No entry in voicemail
> config
> file for '*123'
> Is this a known bug, fixed in newer versions (I currently use 1.8.11)
> or
> should I file a bug report?

Nope, this is not a bug.  The change in behavior was deliberate (see
https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-17433).  Starting a mailbox
with a '*' conflicted with the auto-attendant feature in app_voicemail, wherein
a user can be redirected to the 'a' extension by sending the '*' DTMF.  There
were a number of weird side effects that occurred due to this, most of which
involved users who had created a mailbox that began with a '*' unable to check
their voicemail.

Since it would be very easy to mis-configure your system if you had both the
auto-attendant feature enabled and allowed users to have a mailbox/password that
started with '*', we prevented the latter scenario.

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