[asterisk-users] chan_motif, xmpp, jabber, jingle

Hans Witvliet asterisk at a-domani.nl
Thu Sep 20 02:39:48 CDT 2012

Hi all,

For one of my inverstigations it looks like i'm back to "square one"

I'm trying to accept an incoming xmpp call and forward it conditionally
to a sip, isdn, or voicemail. 
No google is involved as i use a local xmpp server (ejabberd)

I was experimenting on (with jabber.conf, jingle.conf), but
some suggested me to have a look at asterisk11,so i did...

I downloaded and built 11-beta1.
Edited (according to the asterisk11 wiki-page) extensions.conf,
chan_motif.conf, jingle.conf and restarted.

Same behavior, except for minor details.
As soon as I start, ejabberd tells me that the defined user becomes
>From jitsi I can send a text-message, which I see as I enabled "debug"
in motif.conf
(This is actually progress, as in I saw only empty strings
coming along ;-)

But when starting an audio or an AV-call, I only see the xmpp-debug
message (used to be jabber-debug-message).
Within de xmpp-message I see the capabilities (samplerate, codecs,
address, port) from the jitsi-client.

Although I made a separate context in the dialplan, it seems never to
get there: hence no answer :(
Eventhough I explicitly point to them in xmpp.conf and jingle.conf....
So my client remains in "connecting" for ever....

Other suggestion were to look at the xmpp server.
However, i got three client-machines (two Ubuntu-12.04, one XP) all are
installed with Jitsi (xmpp-client) and multiple accounts that are
registerd on ejabberd. All of them can place jingle-calls to each other:
so nothing wrong with the xmpp-clients or the xmpp-server.

The fact that i see on the cli xmpp-debug messages ariving when trying
to connect, or sending text messages indicates that asterisk is seen by

But i seem to be be missing something some vital config, as asterisk
does not respond at all at those incoming trafic.


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