[asterisk-users] Trigger Asterisk after data inserted in mysql

David Cook dbc_asterisk at advan.ca
Wed Sep 19 13:04:33 CDT 2012

It looks like the answer is yes.


 From the page, here is code to execute a UDF library and call a shell. 
Clearly there would be a heavy penalty to launching a shell so you would 
want to carefully evaluate the frequency this is executed on your system.
|CREATE| |TRIGGER| |Test_Trigger |
|AFTER| |INSERT| |ON| |MyTable |
|||DECLARE| |cmd ||CHAR||(255);|
|||DECLARE| |result ||int||(10);|
|||SET| |cmd=CONCAT(||'sudo /home/sarbac/hello_world '||,||'Sarbajit'||);|
|||SET| |result = sys_exec(cmd);|


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> Hi all,
> I would like to know, is there a way to trigger Asterisk after data
> inserted into mysql DB? Like here what I'm trying to do, when the new data
> inserted into MySQL DB, it sends the request to Asterisk along with the new
> data (that is inserted in DB) for making outbound call i.e. Realtime.
> Currently I've set a cron job that execute my script every 30 seconds and
> checks for a new data in DB. If new data is inserted in 30 seconds that
> script will run and sends the data to Asterisk for making calls. (This is
> the case which I'm thinking to avoid)
> Please advise.

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