[asterisk-users] Volume issue.

Luis H. Forchesatto luisforchesatto at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 07:13:11 CDT 2012

Hi experts.

Recently I've insalled a PCI Khomp Pane on my server and inserted 4 chips
to make call with it. The calls are good and no issue was noticed but I got
reports that when someone call the chips the call volume is uncommonly low
for both sides and they deploy some failures on the audio, only when the
call comes from outside. When an extension at the same network makes a call
that goes through the pane the calls are really good.

The Khomp pane is an KGSM 40spx with 4 modules. All the 4 modules have chip
installed and working. I got outbound routes to make cellphone calls goes
out through the chips. If someone calls the chips, the call are redirected
to our IVR.

I'm using Asterisk, dahdi driver version

If any information make itself needed just tell me and I post. And sorry
for the text, english is not my native language.

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