[asterisk-users] One leg in a conference and adjusting stream volume of other leg

Markus universe at truemetal.org
Sat Sep 8 12:35:18 CDT 2012

Matthew, Johan, everyone,

I got it to work! :)  (With the help of a guy I hired via freelancer.com)

Time to share something with the community, so here are the pieces you 
need to create an open conference, where the users will be in the same 
conference, and at the same time will listen to an individual MP3 stream 
in the background, depending on which extension a user dials. Also, the 
volume of the stream is adjustable for each user separately via DTMF 
1+2, and the speech in the conference is also adjustable individually 
via DTMF 4+5 and 7+8 (this is plain ConfBridge, no magic there).

Extensions 01 or 02 is what the user dials. If dialed 01, user will 
listen to stream 1, if dialed 02, user will listen to stream 2, but both 
users will be in the same conference and will not hear each others 
music, but only each others speech.


exten => _.,1,NoOp(Increasing MOH volume...)
exten => _.,n,NoOp(...for extension ${sipexten} )
exten => _.,n,System(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/mohvolume.php ${sipexten} up)

exten => _.,1,NoOp(Decreasing MOH volume...)
exten => _.,n,NoOp(...for extension ${sipexten} )
exten => _.,n,System(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/mohvolume.php ${sipexten} 

exten => go-conference,1,Answer()
exten => go-conference,n,NoOp(MOH class is ${mohclass})
exten => go-conference,n,System(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/playmoh.php 
${sipexten} ${mohclass})
exten => 

; chat, stream 1
exten => 01,1,NoOp(Dial)
exten => 01,n,Set(__sipexten=${CHANNEL})
exten => 01,n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=mohvolumeup#mohvolumedown)
exten => 01,n,Set(__mohclass=chatfire-1)
exten => 01,n,NoOp(MOH class is ${mohclass})
exten => 01,n,Dial(Local/go-conference at radio-chatfire,,)

; chat, stream 2
exten => 02,1,NoOp(Dial)
exten => 02,n,Set(__sipexten=${CHANNEL})
exten => 02,n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=mohvolumeup#mohvolumedown)
exten => 02,n,Set(__mohclass=chatfire-2)
exten => 02,n,NoOp(MOH class is ${mohclass})
exten => 02,n,Dial(Local/go-conference at radio-chatfire,,)

exten => 55555,1,Answer()
exten => 55555,n,Set(VOLUME(TX,p)=-3)
exten => 55555,n,NoOp(MOH class final is ${mohclass_final})
exten => 55555,n,MusicOnHold(${mohclass_final})

exten => do_chanspy,1,NoOp()
exten => do_chanspy,n,Set(DB(moh_${sipexten}/channel)=${CHANNEL})
exten => do_chanspy,n,ChanSpy(${sipexten},${chanspyoption})
exten => do_chanspy,n,Hangup()

exten => do_moh,1,NoOp(Dial)
exten => do_moh,n,Set(__mohclass_final=${mohclass_play})
exten => do_moh,n,Dial(Local/55555 at radio-chatfire)



read = 
write = all,system,call,agent,user,config,command,reporting,originate


mohvolumeup => 1,self/caller,Macro,mohvolumeup
mohvolumedown => 2,self/caller,Macro,mohvolumedown








#!/usr/bin/php -q

$sipexten = $argv[1];
$mohclass_play = $argv[2];

$wrets = "";
$amiusername = 'manager';
$amisecret   = 'kkkkkkkkkk';


$chanspyoption = "qWEws";
// Some of these options dont seem to exist, but whatever, it works :)

  $socket = fsockopen("","5038", $errno, $errstr, 0);

  $wrets = fread($socket,30);
  fputs($socket, "Action: Login\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "UserName: $amiusername\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Events: off\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Secret: $amisecret\r\n\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Action: Originate\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Channel: Local/do_chanspy at whisper-chatfire\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Exten: do_moh\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Context: whisper-chatfire\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Priority: 1\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Variable: chanspyoption=$chanspyoption\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Variable: sipexten=$sipexten\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Variable: mohclass_play=$mohclass_play\r\n\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Action: Logoff\r\n\r\n");
  while (!feof($socket)) {
   $wrets .= fread($socket,8192 );



#!/usr/bin/php -q

$sipexten = $argv[1];
$command = $argv[2];

if ($command == "up") {
         $dtmftone = "*";
} elseif ($command == "down") {

$wrets = "";
$amiusername = 'manager';
$amisecret   = 'kkkkkkkkkk';

  $socket = fsockopen("","5038", $errno, $errstr, 0);
  $wrets = fread($socket,30);
  //AMI Login
  fputs($socket, "Action: Login\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "UserName: $amiusername\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Events: off\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Secret: $amisecret\r\n\r\n");

  //Action: DBGet
  fputs($socket, "Action: DBGet\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Family: moh_$sipexten\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Key: channel\r\n\r\n");
  fputs($socket, "Action: Logoff\r\n\r\n");
  while (!feof($socket)) {
   $wrets .= fread($socket,8192 );

$channelVal = strpos($wrets,"Val: ");

if ($channelVal){
DBGetComplete") - $channelVal-5));

         //Channel found. Play DTMF
                 $wrets = "";
                 // Send dtmf key

                  $socket = fsockopen("","5038", $errno, 
$errstr, 0);
                  $wrets = fread($socket,30);
                  fputs($socket, "Action: Login\r\n");
                  fputs($socket, "UserName: $amiusername\r\n");
                  fputs($socket, "Events: off\r\n");
                  fputs($socket, "Secret: $amisecret\r\n\r\n");

                  //Action: PlayDTMF
                  fputs($socket, "Action: PlayDTMF\r\n");
                  fputs($socket, "Channel: $Localplaybackchannel\r\n");
                  fputs($socket, "Digit: $dtmftone\r\n\r\n");

                  fputs($socket, "Action: Logoff\r\n\r\n");
                  while (!feof($socket)) {
                         $wrets .= fread($socket,8192 );



/usr/bin/mpg123 -q -r 8000 -b 0 --mono -s http://s10.pop-stream.de:10380


/usr/bin/mpg123 -q -r 8000 -b 0 --mono -s http://stream.laut.fm/chat-fire

That's it :)


Am 27.08.2012 21:29, schrieb Matthew Jordan:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Markus" <universe at truemetal.org>
>> To: "Asterisk Users Mailing List - Non-Commercial Discussion" <asterisk-users at lists.digium.com>
>> Cc: "Matthew Jordan" <mjordan at digium.com>
>> Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 1:55:08 PM
>> Subject: Re: [asterisk-users] One leg in a conference and adjusting stream volume of other leg
>> Hi Matthew,
>> Am 27.08.2012 20:08, schrieb Matthew Jordan:
>>>>> You can use ConfBridge's DTMF menus to allow a participant to
>>>>> change
>>>>> their listening volume.  This should only affect the audio that
>>>>> the
>>>>> participant hears, and not the other participants in the
>>>>> conference
>>>>> -
>>>>> regardless of whether or not the audio originates from the same
>>>>> source.
>>>> thanks! I wasn't clear enough in my original mail. What I meant
>>>> is:
>>>> the
>>>> volume of the stream that a user is listening to is adjusted, but
>>>> the
>>>> volume of the conference itself is not changed! That means, a
>>>> conference
>>>> is going on, and everyone is listening to the same music at the
>>>> same
>>>> time, but when the music becomes too loud or annoying, a user can
>>>> individually adjust the volume of his music, while the volume of
>>>> the
>>>> speech of each user, basically the conference itself, remains the
>>>> same.
>>> Yes, I know.  That's what the DTMF menus in ConfBridge let you do.
>> thanks again. If I understand correctly, you are saying that there is
>> a
>> switch that allows a user to adjust the volume of the "background"
>> music
>> only, but the incoming speech that is coming in to him from other
>> users
>> will not get adjusted? That's awesome, but I can't find anything like
>> that in the docs.
> No - what you stated was "the volume of the stream that a user is
> listening to is adjusted, but the volume of the conference is not changed!"
> I interpreted that as being the volume of the audio sent to the conference
> participant.  That can be manipulated directly in ConfBridge.  However,
> that affects all audio sent to that participant, which isn't apparently
> what you want.
> ConfBridge works by mixing the audio for all channels in the conference
> and playing the resulting audio to each participant.  You can affect
> each participant, but you can't change that all of the audio is mixed
> together first.  If you want to play audio separately to each participant,
> than you have to do something outside of the actual conference bridge itself.
>> Will your example
>> [bridge_user_menu]
>> *1=increase_listening_volume
>> 1=increase_listening_volume
>> *2=decrease_listening_volume
>> 2=decrease_listening_volume
>> not just decrease/increase the audio of *everything* that is coming
>> in
>> to the user, i.e. both music and speech? At least that it's how it's
>> explained in the documentation, isn't it?
> Yes.
>> "Decreases the caller's listening volume. *Everything* they hear will
>> sound quieter."
>> What I'm looking for is to adjust the incoming music only, not the
>> incoming speech. How is ConfBridge able to separate between these two
>> if
>> they are going on at the same time?
> It doesn't; they are mixed together.
>> Done that couple of times, but I still don't see that "feature".
>> I think there is still some sort of misunderstanding here. Maybe I'm
>> not
>> explaining it right...
> Yup, that was a misunderstanding.
> You could probably use ChanSpy to whisper the music to each individual
> participant.  Something like this:
> [conference]
> exten => s,1,NoOp()
> same => n,Originate(Local/start_music at conference,exten,conference,moh,1)
> same => n,ConfBridge(1)
> exten => moh,1,NoOp()
> same => n,MusicOnHold()
> exten => start_music,1,NoOp()
> same => n,Answer()
> same => n,ChanSpy(${CONF_CHANNEL_NAME},w)
> same => n,Hangup()
> You may not want to use something more elegant than a global variable to
> cache the name of the channel going into the conference or at least provide
> some synchronization around it so that two channels entering the conference
> don't step on each other, but this should point you in the correct direction.
> As Johan mentioned, the trick to manipulating the volume on the Local channel
> streaming the music is best handled externally through AMI.  You can use
> the Redirect AMI command to manipulate the channel into other dialplan
> extensions that change the volume, then Redirect them back into the moh
> extension.  You could trigger that by using dialplan_exec menu actions
> from the ConfBridge participant, and raise UserEvents that signal what
> action the user wants to take.
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