[asterisk-users] AMI Permissions, "all" means different things?

Johan Wilfer lists at jttech.se
Fri Sep 7 01:49:30 CDT 2012


I'm trying to limit the permissions for a AMI-account. But I'm a little 
bit confused by the permissions. The commands I use are (output from 
"manager show commands", btw: privilege col seems cropped?):

   Action           Privilege        Synopsis
   Redirect         call,all         Redirect (transfer) a call.
   Originate        originate,all    Originate a call.
   Getvar           call,reporting,  Gets a channel variable.

If I put this in my manager.conf:

secret = ***
permit = x.x.x.x/

I get this ("manager show user pbx_ami"):

        username: pbx_ami
          secret: <Set>
             acl: yes
       read perm: <none>
      write perm: call,originate,all
displayconnects: yes

Where does the "all" permission come from? However, If I change the row 
in manager.conf to "write=originate,call,all" the output is:

        username: pbx_ami
          secret: <Set>
             acl: yes
       read perm: <none>
      write perm: 
displayconnects: yes

Can someone explain this please?


Johan Wilfer

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