[asterisk-users] Help with GotoIf Command

David Klaverstyn david at klaverstyn.com.au
Wed Sep 5 04:30:53 CDT 2012

Hi All,

For some reason I can't get this GotoIf statement to work.  Even if the name and number are the same it jumps to line 3.  I've tried with and without the quotes around each variable.

exten => s,1,GotoIf($["${CALLERID(name)}" = "${CALLERID(num)}"]?:3)
exten => s,2,NoOp(they are the Same)
exten => s,3,NoOp(they are different)

The wisdom of this group is much appreciated.

This is an example only.  I know the code will display both NoOp lines if the name and number is the same.

David Klaverstyn

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