[asterisk-users] Receiving and processing unsolicited XMPP messages with Asterisk 11

Noah Engelberth Noah at directlinkcomputers.com
Tue Sep 4 07:14:35 CDT 2012

> On Friday, August 31, 2012 06:48:46 PM Noah Engelberth wrote:
> > I’m trying to set up a way that our users can send an XMPP message to
> > Asterisk (unsolicited) to request information, such as voicemail
> > status or the like.  No matter what I set for the dialplan, I’m only
> > seeing Asterisk execute the s,1 priority in the context defined in
> > xmpp.conf for incoming messages, and then the “call” hangs up without
> > executing further instructions.  Anything I’ve tried to accomplish in
> > that first priority has worked, but it never continues to an additional
> priority.
> This might be a separate, but related issue, as I am not using XMPP
> messaging yet, but I found that at least with SIP messaging in Asterisk 11, if I
> had a
> Hangup() in the dialplan for message routing, every message sent AFTER the
> first would fail just as you describe, since the first message routed through
> the dialplan hung up the channel.
> This did not happen to me in Asterisk 10.  After removing the traditional
> Hangup() at the end, and restarting Asterisk, the messages route properly
> for me.  -A

Ah ha.  That's what's happening here as well.  If there is no Hangup() in the "call path" for incoming XMPP messages, everything runs smoothly and you can send and process messages as expected.  If you put a Hangup() in the path, send 1 message and it works, and then subsequent messages hit the first priority and quit.  Once that first priority and quit behavior starts, no further XMPP messages will go past the first priority until you completely restart Asterisk -- even removing the Hangup() from the dialplan and reloading the dialplan will not cause inbound XMPP processing to resume working until you completely restart Asterisk.

Thank you,

Noah Engelberth
MetaLINK Technologies

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