[asterisk-users] core show translation - difference in Asterisk Versions

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Nov 21 08:49:02 CST 2012

Salman Zafar wrote:
> Hello All,


>             I was wondering if somebody could elaborate the change in
> translation of codecs specifically the amount of time increased in
> Asterisk 11. For example
> *_Asterisk 11_*
> ***alaw **speex *
> *gsm **15000 **15000 *
> *ulaw    9150   15000*
> **
> *_Asterisk 1.6.x_*
> ***alaw **speex *
> *gsm **2         12002 *
> *ulaw    1         12002*
> I did recalculate the translation for 60 or 1 seconds but nothing
> changes on Asterisk 11 (VM, Cloud or even physical machine). Is it
> slin?, adding this overhead or there is something I am overlooking?.

I've taken some time to look at what is going on here and let me 
reassure you - internally stuff is still taking the same amount of time 
as previously. During a media architecture rework how translations are 
chosen was changed around a bit to not just take into account 
computational costs. What you are now seeing above is actually the 
internal "table cost" for choosing. I can certainly agree that this is 
not ideal. The subject has been brought up a few times but nobody has 
tackled making it reflect computational costs once again.


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