[asterisk-users] AGI variables being wrong

Mikhail Lischuk mlischuk at itx.com.ua
Fri Mar 30 11:54:32 CDT 2012


Warren Selby wrote 30.03.2012 18:37: 

> A couple things - what
version of asterisk are you using? Are you actually using zaptel or do
you have DAHDI as your interface to your TDM cards?


I have to work with wicked Tormenta cards with
weird chip which requires specific kernel to be recognized by Zaptel.

tor2+ 10b5:d00d Tormenta 2 Quad T1/PRI or E1/PRA 

I have no idea
about who and why did this, but in newer versions of Asterisk this card
does not work (only first span comes up). 

So I use libpri- and
Zaptel SVN-branch-1.4-r4697M 

Chances are that this is Zaptel problem?

With Best Regards
Mikhail Lischuk



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