[asterisk-users] meetme with timerfd

Mert Yazgart efes9999 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 30 09:58:00 CDT 2012

We use MeetMe with res_timing_dahdi as the timing source, and once a while we get the following error which then causes Asterisk to crash/restart (with safe Asterisk).

ERROR[6518] res_timing_dahdi.c: Failed to configure DAHDI timing fd for 0 sample timer ticks

According to the following from Asterisk wiki, DAHDI is required for MeetMe. 

"Some confusion has arisen regarding the fact that non-DAHDI timing interfaces 

are available now. One common misconception which has arisen is that since 

timing can be provided elsewhere, DAHDI is no longer required for using the 

MeetMe application. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In addition to 

providing timing, DAHDI also provides a conferencing engine which the MeetMe 

application requires. 


I'm curious if DAHDI require/use res_timing_dahdi for it to run/function properly. Can we use res_timing_timerfd (instead of res_timing_dahdi) along with DAHDI for MeetMe? 

Thanks a lot,

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