[asterisk-users] concurrent channels limit

Syco sycolth at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 08:23:58 CDT 2012

Asterisk says to process the call correctly:

       == Using SIP RTP TOS bits 184
       == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
         -- Executing [17000 at sipp:1] Answer("SIP/sipp-0000005a", "") in
    new stack
         -- Executing [17000 at sipp:2] Set("SIP/sipp-0000005a", "rn=100")
    in new stack
         -- Executing [17000 at sipp:3] Goto("SIP/sipp-0000005a", "set100")
    in new stack
         -- Goto (sipp,17000,12)
         -- Executing [17000 at sipp:12] Answer("SIP/sipp-0000005a", "") in
    new stack
         -- Executing [17000 at sipp:13] BackGround("SIP/sipp-0000005a",
    "you-seem-impatient") in new stack
         -- <SIP/sipp-0000005a> Playing 'you-seem-impatient.ulaw'
    (language 'en')
         -- Executing [17000 at sipp:14] Wait("SIP/sipp-00000055", "20") in
    new stack

sipp says "Aborting call on an unexpected BYE for call: 
96-1956 at"

"asterisk -rx 'core show channels'|tail -n3" shows:
80 active channels            -> constant
80 active calls                    -> constant
160 calls processed          -> increase every second

the sipp command I use is "./sipp -sn uac -i -s 17000 -d 90000 -l 10000 -r 100 -rp 30000 -t un"
that generate 100 calls every 30 seconds. every call last 90 seconds.

I'm not trying to break the limit of 10000 calls, I want just to have 
200 or 300 calls.
sip does not have setted any limit, and call-limit is deprecated in 
asterisk 1.8.

On 30/03/2012 14:04, Danny Nicholas wrote:
> Check the sip.conf.sample file.  I think it is the call-limit parameter that
> is getting you.  The sample file should tell you what the default is.
> Another possibility is that your rtp range is set too low;  the "normal"
> range is 10000-20000, which allows for 2500 calls(or 5000 if you set other
> things "correctly").
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