[asterisk-users] How to force codec transcoding?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Mar 29 18:52:34 CDT 2012

Hi, we are working on a new codec for asterisk.  It's early stages and 
the main goal is just to be able to "hear it" using normal client end 
points.  So what I want is to be able to take a couple of normal G711 
extensions, but have asterisk internally force a transcode to my new 
codec.  In this way we can easily run up a bunch of listening tests with 
a wide variety of users very easily

Ok, so how do I force this transcode in the middle, ideally without 
using two asterisk boxes?

I clearly need two extensions to have (say) allow=g711, which means I 
need to persuade asterisk to route the call via a middle extension which 
is set to only allow the new codec.  What are my options to achieve 
this? (meetme just occurred to me? could that work?) Any suggestions?


Ed W

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