[asterisk-users] Official numbering plan - where to get?

Lenz Emilitri lenz.loway at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 04:12:55 CDT 2012

DO you know if the doc files from the ITU are available somewhere for

2012/3/22 Markus <universe at truemetal.org>

> I hope this is not too off-topic. As a kind-of follow up to "rate sheet
> normalization" I'm still trying to figure out a solution for: throw 10
> ratesheets at a program and get the cheapest codes/providers as output.
> For this purpose I believe I need a real, detailed, accurate list of all
> the dialing codes, incl. mobile codes, city codes etc. worldwide as a
> reference for that particular program. There are thousands of A-Z lists on
> the web, and there are thousands of codes in them, but nothing is accurate
> enough or from an official source.
> So, I spoke with the ITU today and they, funny enough, too don't have such
> a list. At least they don't have one that is computer parseable, like a
> .csv or .xls or something like that. What they have is: a single .doc or
> .pdf file for EACH country (1 file per country), which is not standardized
> in its content, with lots of text and descriptions, but it has all the
> codes. They don't even have such a list as a paid service. Feels like 30
> years ago. :)  Anyway, there is numberingplans.com which provide exactly
> what I'm looking for, but they don't support one-time purchases, only
> subscriptions from around 100 to 990 EUR per month, which is above my
> budget (and I don't need a subscription).
> Does anyone have an idea where to find such a list for free, or as a
> one-time purchase? If not, I'll probably go through the effort to compile
> my own list based on the ITU data. Let me know in case you want a copy
> then. :)
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