[asterisk-users] Asterisk and chat

Matteo Calorio matteo.calorio at linux.ors-tech.it
Wed Mar 28 04:49:01 CDT 2012


I have a working Asterisk installation, but I would like to add chat between 
users; I have also a working Ejabberd installation and with Asterisk's 
jabber.conf file I can make my two systems communicate.

What I can't do is to link together the two accounts, the asterisk extension 
and the ejabberd account for every user.

The final effect I would like is that a user, simply putting "myuser at pbx" and 
"mypass" in his softphone (Jitsi in my case) would get both voice and text 
messages enabled with (apparently) a single account.

It's a little difficult to explain for me, but I subscribed an account on 
ippi.fr and so did some friends of mine: well, without doing anything else we 
have both voice and chat.


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