[asterisk-users] Bridging an Answered call in Asterisk with another call

Jayesh Nambiar jayesh.voip at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 10:36:59 CDT 2012

Hello All,
I need to know a way of connecting an Answered call in Asterisk to another
call which was triggered by an AMI. I have a scenario as follows:
1) User dials 123 from a touch screen Polycom phone.
2) Call comes to Asterisk and Asterisk answers the call and asks for PIN
3) Once the PIN is validated, Asterisk sends a User Event through AMI which
invokes a browser in the Polycom phone.
4) The Browser will have a Text-Box to Enter the destination number where
the caller wants to be bridged.
5) The caller enters this number in the browser which is sent as a
Originate command to Asterisk through the AMI. Please note Asterisk does
not get this number as DTMF events !!
6) Now, I need to BRIDGE this originated call from the AMI with the actual
caller who is already present in Answered state in Asterisk probably
listening to some music.

Is there any straightforward application or function to achieve this in

Any ideas or directions will be of great help !!


--- Jayesh
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