[asterisk-users] ODBC connection does not reconnect after network interruption

Noah Engelberth Noah at directlinkcomputers.com
Tue Mar 20 07:02:31 CDT 2012

I've got an Asterisk 10.1.2 server using res_odbc to make a connection to a MSSQL server on a different machine for a timeclock extension we have running.  The connection works just fine until Asterisk's network path to the MSSQL server gets disrupted (for whatever reason), and then all future attempts to contact the MSSQL server cause the timeclock call to hang, until Asterisk is completely restarted.  Trying to module unload/load res_odbc.so crashes Asterisk.  I've been using the following config, and tried with preconnect both on and off:

enabled => yes
dsn => timeclock
username => notauser
password => stealme
pooling => no
limit => 1
pre-connect => no

Any suggestions on where to try digging in to this?

Thank you,

Noah Engelberth
MetaLINK Technologies

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