[asterisk-users] 10.2.1 res_fax : "Unexpected command after page received..."

Lee Howard faxguy at howardsilvan.com
Mon Mar 19 18:53:47 CDT 2012

sean darcy wrote:
> I'm setting up res_fax to use with an iax provider. I'm calling over 
> PSTN to the provider. When I stand at our fax machine (Brother), I can 
> see the call come in, and it appears to set up correctly. What is odd, 
> however, is that asterisk drops off while the fax machine is still 
> sending. I've lowered the baud rate to 9600, it's a single page fax. 
> After less than 10 seconds asterisk stops receiving the fax, but the 
> machine continues sending for another 20 seconds or so.
> ReceiveFAX("IAX2/FaxIAX-4579", 
> "/var/spool/asterisk/fax/20120317_1820.tif,df") in new stack
>     -- Channel 'IAX2/FaxIAX-4579' receiving FAX 
> '/var/spool/asterisk/fax/20120317_1820.tif'
>     -- Auto fallthrough, channel 'IAX2/FaxIAX-4579' status is 'UNKNOWN'
>     -- Executing [h at incoming-fax:1] NoOp("IAX2/FaxIAX-4579", 
> "FAXSTATUS: FAILED FAXERROR: Unexpected command after page received 
> FAXPAGES: 0 @ bitrate 9600") in new stack
> FWIW, ping times from the asterisk box and the iax provider are < 
> 15ms, usually around 10ms.
> Any thoughts? 




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