[asterisk-users] Rate sheet "normalization"

Markus universe at truemetal.org
Fri Mar 16 09:47:09 CDT 2012

Am 16.03.2012 04:14, schrieb Ast Coder:
> I would be more interested in a system where quality routes are tested
> with different providers because rate really doesn't matter if a call
> can't be placed or if a destination is a fake one. We have seen many
> fake destinations with top tier providers but they had the best rates so
> the strategy to pick them first really didn't work.
> So, maybe a subscription service where a
> dialler system continuously tests routes with a list of 10 providers so
> that it's established which routes actually work and then allow that
> data to be downloaded for usage.

Ok, but how would this system handle FAS? Call shows as connected but 
it's still "ringing" to the caller. And probably won't get connected to 
the callee ever. I.e. cases where the route is just faulty in some way 
and it will ring forever but actually no one will ever get connected. 
How do you differentiate between "nobody is home" and "route is faulty"...

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