[asterisk-users] Reliable SIP Trunk Provider

Chris Bagnall asterisk at lists.minotaur.cc
Thu Mar 15 11:02:22 CDT 2012

On 15/3/12 3:45 pm, Jake Wicke wrote:
> I'm wondering if any other Asterisk users have a recommendation for a reliable SIP Trunk provider that supports Asterisk and offers decent support.

You should probably let the list know what region/country you're in, as 
you'll want to be as "close" (i.e. low latency) to your trunk provider 
as possible.

<shameless plug>If you're in the UK, we (Minotaur IT) are a SIP trunk 
provider, and I'd like to think we support Asterisk and offer decent 
support :-) </shameless plug>

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