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Danny Nicholas danny at debsinc.com
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I've had pretty good experience with VoicePulse.


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I'm wondering if any other Asterisk users have a recommendation for a
reliable SIP Trunk provider that supports Asterisk and offers decent


I've worked with Coredial, Broadvox, and Broadvoice and have had some bad
experiences with each of these providers.  


Broadvoice offers low cost service, however I have constant issues with
Broadvoice blocking my customers due to Asterisk "registering too often".
Support either does not respond to e-mails, hangs up on phone calls, or
gives me the "we don't support Asterisk and we can use your account no
problem using the SIP phone on our desk" line.  


Coredial resigned me into a two year agreement after making a change to my
SIP trunk configuration without my knowledge, then demanded two years of the
full monthly charge when I tried to cancel over a dispute regarding services
that I did not order.  Check out coredialhorrorstory.com for the whole
story.  While the service is decent, the customer service leaves much to be


Broadvox has been the best provider that I have found so far, however I
initially had a lot of issues with sales quoting a product which could not
be provisioned and also not being able to deliver service on a timely
schedule.  I also was given the run around by customer service recently on a
simple request to add a DID number to an account.


Thanks for your input!



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