[asterisk-users] libpri error??

Andrew McRory andrew.mcrory at sayso.net
Wed Mar 14 13:02:50 CDT 2012

> Try adding
> resetinterval = never
> here.  The default is to reset any idle channels every 3600 seconds.
> Unfortunately, if a channel is being reset just as an incoming call
> arrives, there is a chance that the channel will get stuck in a
> resetting state and block any further use of that channel.
Thanks, I'll give this a shot. 

> A quick look at your traces indicates that your channels are
> "already in use" so an incoming call is cleared with a cause 44. 
>  This can happen if there is a call collision or the channel is 
> stuck.  I would recommend that you minimize call collisions by 
> making outbound calls pick channels from the opposite end of the 
> channel range as the network.  This is usually by using uppercase G 
> in the Dial(DAHDI/G1/number) to the first available channel from the 
> upper end of the channel range.

Our Telco PRI is set inbound and asterisk set descending so we should be good
there. I'll double check the Iwatsu PRI's.

Thank you,
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