[asterisk-users] Capacity of single instance of Asterisk

Raj Mathur ( राज माथुर ) raju at linux-delhi.org
Tue Mar 13 23:01:32 CDT 2012

On Tuesday 13 Mar 2012, Amit Patkar | Avhan Technologies Pvt Ltd wrote:
> Thank for your views. Where as no one is ready to share real numbers.
> I am looking at benchmarks so that I can plan for resources.
> Since asterisk project is active for so many years, I was expecting
> some published numbers.

We're running some 400 simultaneous calls with recording and no 
transcoding on a 2xQuad-core Intel boxes, 16GB RAM.  The box is serving 
SIP clients and passes calls over an IAX2 trunk to the PSTN-connected 
box.  Load average rarely goes above 0.5.

Recording is done on a RAID array attached to a separate SCSI 
controller, which makes a lot of difference to performance.


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