[asterisk-users] how to show used "wrong password"

Randall randall at songshu.org
Tue Mar 13 11:11:07 CDT 2012

On 03/13/2012 02:11 PM, A J Stiles wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 March 2012, Randall wrote:
>> hi all,
>> have asterisk set up in combination with fail2ban.
>> all works as expected only there is 1 extension that is trying to
>> register with a wrong password causing fail2ban to block the IP address,
>> normally that is ok behaviour but i have several extensions on that IP
>> address.
>> ..... snip .....
>> anyway to see which "wrong password" is being used?
> tcpflow.
> (And don't underestimate the power of simply disconnecting things until it
> works .....  last thing you disconnected was the faulty one.)
Thanks will give that a try.

  i know the method, only problem that its a time consuming process (in 
this case it includes a 9000 km travel and not all equipment on that 
side is mine)

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