[asterisk-users] remote UPDATE command

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Tue Mar 13 06:33:57 CDT 2012

On 03/12/2012 09:09 PM, Arstan wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am working on a setup where I have an Asterisk ( with a SIP
> trunk to a provider's softswitch(IMS). Trunking works all ok, calling
> out and calling in. Except for the remote softswitch(IMS) will send
> UPDATE command(according to RFC 3311) and Asterisk does not accept and
> thus the call gets dropped.
> So, is there a work around for this matter? Or any of you had similar
> problem, I really appreciate any directions.

Asterisk 1.6.2 (and most other versions, if not all) does *not* 
advertise support for the UPDATE request method in the Allow headers it 
includes in SIP requests and responses. If your provider's SIP 
softswitch is sending UPDATE requests anyway, it is broken, and it 
should expect them to fail.

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