[asterisk-users] Very slow faxing with Fax For Asterisk

Chet W. Stevens cwstevens at interact.ccsd.net
Mon Mar 12 14:39:17 CDT 2012

I have been testing Fax For Asterisk with an analog fax sitting behind a Grandstream Handytone 286. I have been sending a number of faxes but I find that they send extremely slow. In my most basic test of sending from the HT286 straight to a tiff image
on Asterisk on the same subnet I am seeing as much as 200 seconds to send a single page. Debug in the CLI shows that we are negotiating down to T.38 4800. I have disabled echo cancellation and noise suppression on the HT286 but with no change. I have
tested with different fax machines (HP 1040 Fax and Sharp UX-B800SE) but with the same results. My Asterisk and FFA module versions are:

FAX For Asterisk Components:
        Applications: SVN-branch-1.8-digiumphones-r357808-/branches/1.8
        Digium FAX Driver: 1.8.4_1.3.0 (optimized for generic_64)

Your suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Chet Stevens
cwstevens at interact.ccsd.net

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