[asterisk-users] AGI and retreiving data, how to use this data in extensions.conf

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Sat Mar 10 14:51:53 CST 2012

You would set a dialplan variable from inside your AGI.

In PHPAGI it might be something this:

$agi->set_variable("CUST_ID", $cust_id);

Then in your dialplan after your script runs you can use the variable like any other.

You can also get dialplan variables AND functions:

$tmp = $agi->get_var("VMCOUNT(1234 at accounting)");
$vmcount = $tmp["data"];

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Hi All;

I know that I can use the AGI to call (run) a script (php or python or any other kind of scripts), but the question is:

If I have information that I need to build a decision in the extensions.conf based on it, and these informations can be obtained using this script, so how I will read these informations? What is the method to read it from the database and store it in a variable that I can use it in the extensions.conf to do proper call routing? How?


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