[asterisk-users] app_rpt

Márkus Béla mbl at freemail.hu
Fri Mar 9 06:33:26 CST 2012


thanks for the info. I'm the maintainer od the Asterisk extension in 
Tiny Core Linux and received a request to have Asterisk with app_rpt 
module in the repository. I haven't seen it before and didn't find it 
listed in confure's help as a configuration option. I will try to 
rebuild actual 1.8 with DAHDI and see the result.

Regards... Bela

2012.03.09. 13:06 keltezéssel, Paul Belanger írta:
> On 12-03-09 03:18 AM, Márkus Béla wrote:
>> how can I add/enable app_rpt module to Asterisk 1.8?
> Make sure DAHDI is installed.  However, there is a patch on 
> reviewboard[1] that will see this module be removed from asterisk.
> The code is out-dated and no longer maintained within asterisk.
> [1] https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1764/

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