[asterisk-users] Using the h and DeadAGI

bilal ghayyad bilmar_gh at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 17:33:45 CST 2012

Hi All;

Really I need to know why when using the "h" in the exten =>, then we use DeaAGI with it? 

I am using vicidial and I see this line alot, so I need to know how it work (when it will be executed):

exten => h,1,DeadAGI(agi://${HANGUPCAUSE}-----${DIALSTATUS}-----${DIALEDTIME}-----${ANSWEREDTIME}) 

The question is:

When this line will be executed? After the channel will be hanged up or when?

And, why to use DeadAGI and not using AGI? Is it because of using the h which is related to hangup?

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